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6 Best Dj Mixers Featured

With a wide arrange of Dj mixers on the market and with an endless amount of bells & whistle features , you could end up a bot on the undecissive end of making the right decision for your usage of the mixer, here we list 6 of what we feel are the best mixer on the market at the mo even though Pioneer is found in most venues today here in South Africa , it could be a wise choice to extend to other brands that offer another point of versatility with a price that fits your budget


Volca Series On the move Production Featured

Korg have always been pioneers in devoloping the best in syhths, samplers and other beat creation hardware , with out compromising on sound they have now taken the step to make hardware more portable for your modern day Dj/Producer enter the Volca series a combonation of seperate units focusing on beat creation, depth filled synths, and gut punching bass modules all which can be synced into each other  wrapping it in an affordable range that wont dent your pocket 


Evolution of the CDJ

From a Pioneer's Perscpective...


Pioneer is in the 20th year  of their contribution to DJ gear development , in celebration of that, pioneer took it upon themselves to get a multitude of DJicons to take us through their memories and evolution of the piece of equipment that was once was loathed by the Dj community but eventually being an integral part of every major club/ Dj setup we see today… take a look at this video




Manufacturer Spotlight Presonus

One of our most popular suppliers of al things studio Presonus has been around for close on 20 years now and its no surprise that some of there studio gear is some of the most sort after from beginners to your professionals they seem to meet the demoand of each individuals budget with the delivery of the highest quality gear. 


Brand Spotlight Gipps Featured

 Generals in Intelligence Performance and Perfecting Sophistication best known, as GIPPS is an emerging Pretoria based design house founded in 16/11/2006. The story of GIPPS begins years before it the actual lifestyle brand it has become presently. In 2002 founder and head designer Simon “GIPPS” Maleka used to hand make bags from worn out jeans and shirts in effort to become cool and stylish to fellow friends and pupils. The innovative bags became a hit amongst his crowd and also spark an interest outside his cycle, pushing him to start selling them under the name MASTA C for extra pocket money. 


New Arrival Korg Taktile Featured


Taktile features a stylish design that projects a sense of presence, together with the same great-feeling semi-weighted keyboard that's used on synthesizers and music workstations such as the KingKORG and KROME. It's loaded with functions that make it fun to play and use, such as a touch pad inherited from the Kaossilator that lets you play melodies using just a single finger, trigger pads that let you generate chords in the key and scale of your choice and an arpeggiator that includes rhythm patterns. Of course, the taktile also delivers the functionality that you expect from a MIDI controller. It provides all of the basic controllers such as sliders and switches, and makes setup easy so you can start producing music right away. Convenience is not the only attraction of the taktile; it's a MIDI controller that's full of features that will stimulate your creativity.


Presonus Music Suite For under 10K Featured

In to todays day and age it is difficult to find a hi quality music suite studio setup that fits your budget and also delivers on accurate prestine production quality , not anymore Presonus now introduces their All in One Music suite with all the bells and whistles to kick off your production creativity and we here at MR sound online have included the Bonus of a pair of Eris E4.5 Studio monitor speakers for getting that accurate listening enviroment.


Gear Spotlight Maschine Studio Featured

 In October 2013 Native Instruments made a huge stride in releasing the next revolution in groove sequencing, I myself have  not had a test run on yet , but as an avid Maschine user I am pretty excited for this piece of gear and cant wait to get my hands on one , it seems it would be like stepping into the controls of the starship Enterprise and allowing ones imagination to explore to the ends of the musical universe and birthing something of magical musical floetry.In the meantime while I carry on daydreaming over the groove machine take a read at MusicTech’s magazine review on this piece of gear at the following link:


Seven of the best affordable Monitors



Choosing the right studio monitors , is one of the most important decisions in setting up your home/project studio, choosing monitors on a budget makes the task even more daunting , here we give your run down of some of the better and affordable monitors



Fresh Release Pioneer DDJ SZ

Fresh from NAMM Pioneer announces its latest controller with a pretty similar look to its predecessors but apparently packed with alot more punch .

Introducing the ultimate professional four-channel controller for Serato DJ: the bigger, brighter DDJ-SZ. The DDJ-SZ is the first Pioneer controller to closely match the CDJ-2000NXS set-up for the most intuitive, physical scratch performances yet. Features include full-sized jog wheels inherited from the CDJ-2000NXS, illuminated cue point markers, large Performance Pads with customisable multi-coloured Hot Cue LEDs, and two USB sound cards for ultra-smooth DJ handovers.

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