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New Ableton Push 2 Featured

The new Ableton Push 2 made an entry late last year. From a distance, it would seem that the same rectangular network with some color screens. Be that as it may, using it as an individual is a completely different ordeal. 

Ableton has kept the same fundamental design and frame element of the first, yet some way or another improved each and every point of interest. From equipment refinement to programming coordination and usefulness, everything feels like 2.0. The weight and size are generally the same, yet every surface feels more point by point and exact – and that is stating a great deal, as the first Push was at that point sensibly amazing. The new Push basically feels a class over some other hardware in the business right now. . 



With Pioneer dominating Dj booths around the world with there cdj and mixer hardware it was pretty inevitable that they would be looking at tackling the software digital world of Djing with the relaese of their newest software Rekordbox Dj 4 it seems they are set at conquering this field and judging  their XDJ range and from their latest gear anouncement the XDJ-700


Master your Arranging

With the many levels of producing a  track , arranging is one that is approached with both a creative and technical view getting the right arrangement can set your track on a hit path , get it wrong and your track will sound nothing more then a mix basket of sounds

Taking some tips from the music radar tuition blog here are some pointers on how to go about setting the right arrangement for your production



With the advent of vinyl, it is no surprise that more manufacturers a jumping on the plastic wagon to bring tools to those who still pursuing vinyl, Numark is the latest to come to the table, with an announcement at the Atlantic City Dj Expo of their latest turntable the TT250USB.


Learning the plastic for new Deejays Featured

With the speedy progression of technology in the Dj realm, the vinyl era though still embraced by a small ethnic dj community has all but been forgotten in the new age world of djing with midi controllers , sync buttons  and array of gadgets to assist Dj and new dj coming in to the industry , one usually ask the question if there are any advantages into learning to play on vinyl, well myself coming from a vinyl era find that there is an emmiensce advantage to consider as a new Dj to take up learning the basic  spinning of the Vinyl , in no way is this a way for me to talk down new age Digital Dj's , it is just even though playing vinyl is a vintage form of Djing there are a few advantages that will give you an edge to your djing even if your choice of weapons are CDJ's,Controllers or DVS's  here I have listed some of most imoportant reasons:


More PRO Mixtrack Pro 3

Being one of the best selling entry level controllers in the market wouldn’t spark action to change a winning formula but now Numark have taken it a notch up by introducing the third generation of their popular Mixtrack pro controller, lets look into what they’ve added this simple but popular controller:


Native Instruments has officially announced the Traktor Kontrol D2 along with pricing and release date. The Traktor Kontrol D2 was teased last month at  WMCin performances by Dubfire, MK, and Uner but exact details were missing. Now Dj TechTools has the full scoop on the latest hardware from Berlin

Native Instruments has taken isolated the deck portion of a S8 to create a more portable and affordable Kontrol D2.  For DJs that already have a 4 channel mixer, they can get the benefit of the screens and extra controls without the larger size and price tag of the Kontrol S8.


Live Analogue Music Production

In a day and age where making music is as easy as turning the switch on your computer ,one would ask yourself why would you want to make music without a computer, there are many advantages to creating music without a computer, although the learning curb of producing music on computer is much more easier the challenge of tweaking knobs and analoque limitations will bring out creativity that will differentiate your sound from all the numbers being churned out by late night coffee chucking computer sessions.


Does Numark NV change everything

Numark made a huge statement by implying that their new Numark NV controller “changes everything”, as with many product launches these statements are usually scoffed at, so is this a serious game changer or is this just hype, we take a look at the features of this controller reflecting on features and response its getting from other major reviewers:


Firstly lets look at the features of this controller


5 tips to a successful mixtape series


If you looking at being a successful Dj one important channel of communication to fans and promoters is the good ol’ mixtape, back when there was no “soundcloud” “mixcloud” or other mix hosting services Dj’s use to record their mixtapes and burn them onto cd’s, these cd’s were duplicated and then passed on through to friends, family, promoters, strangers at events and even here in Mzansi canvased to taxi drivers who would blaze the mixes on full blast on their routes to attract passengers to their service, this is how dj’s  who never had sets on radio shows or never had compilation contracts with record labels would promote themselves through physical blood sweat and tears  with the mixtape channel back then , nowadays the net has a multitude of platforms to host the Dj mixtapes making it easier to get it out to more ears, but yet there is stil that illusive way to gain followers to get promoters attention and to get those bookings that have been attracted by your mixtapes it still takes a different kind of dedication, we take a look here at 5 key areas that could help you gain the interest and attention to get you noticed

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