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With the speedy progression of technology in the Dj realm, the vinyl era though still embraced by a small ethnic dj community has all but been forgotten in the new age world of djing with midi controllers , sync buttons  and array of gadgets to assist Dj and new dj coming in to the industry , one usually ask the question if there are any advantages into learning to play on vinyl, well myself coming from a vinyl era find that there is an emmiensce advantage to consider as a new Dj to take up learning the basic  spinning of the Vinyl , in no way is this a way for me to talk down new age Digital Dj's , it is just even though playing vinyl is a vintage form of Djing there are a few advantages that will give you an edge to your djing even if your choice of weapons are CDJ's,Controllers or DVS's  here I have listed some of most imoportant reasons:


It shows passion for the art of DJing.

Taking the step to learn to play on Vinyl gives you connection and understanding to the evolution of this art form , pretty much like a guitarist will have a fullfillment to play on a specific guitar that was developed in the sixties and have an understanding of his craft and evolution of his tool - the guitar, so it relates to a Dj searching to fullfill that understanding of his/hers passion in this craft of Djing, it will also give you an upper hand in networking especially in this time where new dj's are starting to take the reigns from veteran dj's of which most started on vinyl, giving you the oppertunity to relate experiences of vinyl to the veteran  sort of an ice breaker  in a new dj meets veteran scenario, giving the sense that you as a new dj has a passion for the art form.


It disconects you from a visual mixing to audio mixing.

Playing off vinyl gives you more of a mixing feedback sense , because the platter on a turntable is continually spinning and you are relying on your ears  more then sight on a screen you become more in tune with mixing extending you to be more creative in what you are doing and having a much more engaging experience this creates depper coonections with you sets and with your crowd, once you experience this mode of mixing new dj tend to understand more why veterans are so pro vinyl djing.


You create a better music identity:


In a time when there is such an abundance of music setting up your next set is as simple as logging on to your favourite Dj download site and picking the top 10 of the week and then playing it out this is convinience at its best, one problem! this sort of sets the norm that every dj will start sounding like each other and werent really have a sound identity that sets you arpart from the next, Vinyl helps seperate your sound from the next why you may ask, some Electronic music labels usually put out music first on vinyl or sometimes only on vinyl , usually when a label decides to put out a release on vinyl they have full confidence that that specific release is a hot release some try keep it  limited to vinyl becuase they know influetial veteran DJ will play it it for longer period in their sets even if they not playing it direct off the vinyl, they usually transfer it on a high quality digital file , doing this give thems better sound audio files and also gives them exclusive rocking tracks that not evryone has accces to thus playing uniquely individual sounding sets with fresh music to the dancefloor's ears.

For those who do not have acces to records stores still are able to shop online at records stores websites waiting for your music takes a little bit longer and might be a little bit more expensive than the digital stores , but trust me when those vinyls arrive its like christmass all over and you feel to amped to play a fresh set to your audience, this also give your music longevity the same tarcks for longer as you are one of the few who might have that specific killer track.


Better samples if you a Producer


One thing that dj's use to have to do preparing for gigs was to run through a mass of vinyls to prepare their sets, Selecting 80 tracks out of 1000 records to play for their set , in this they painstakenly listened through records, listening to arrangements of the tracks , to the keys and to the elements that could gell each track to the next , in this process this develops the producer side of the Dj because one tends carry these listening session over to the studio where you could translate that specific drop or break idea to your production and adding your flavour to it , in this you would also be able to pick up samples loops , sounds to use with in your production to give that extra unique spice to music production that one just doesnt get out of your digital crate .


In conclusion

for those considering on taking up the DJing route , it might be bit cumbersome to get into the whole vinyl thing but it is way of creating a deeper passion for the craft, if you feel the expense could be over bearing consider  enrolling in a djing school that does start with teaching on turntables there are few around one such is our sister institute Multi-Racial UMI which introducers Djing first through the fundamentals of Vinyl before moving you on to the digital side, an option for those that are Djing already but have and want to practice on vinyl is to approach dj with turntables or even dj stores with turntables and approach them to practice on the humble turntable, at the Multi-Racial Institute they offer such Dj practice sessions on vinyls which one could book their paratice rooms on a per our rate.





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