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Seven of the best affordable Monitors



Choosing the right studio monitors , is one of the most important decisions in setting up your home/project studio, choosing monitors on a budget makes the task even more daunting , here we give your run down of some of the better and affordable monitors


Behringer B1031A

The all-important bass sounds tight and doesn’t distort, while the top end of the mix is nicely detailed without being too sharp. There monitors provide plenty of detail in the midrange, too - it’s not difficult to pick out the different instruments in your mix.The B1031As have a nice wide sweet spot, meaning that you don’t need to worry about positioning yourself too precisely in front of them. They’re comfortable to listen to for long periods, too - these are speakers that you’ll be happy to live with and come at a great price.




Powering up the Ayras illuminated the RCF logos on the front of the speakers, and my first impression on audio playback was of a wonderfully smooth mid-range capable of delivering a realistic vocal sound, balanced by a nice sense of high-end detail, but without any abrasive tendencies. There is also adequate level for nearfield use. The Ayra 5s deliver a creditable balance of performance and value, and once you get used to their sound, you should be able to create well‑balanced mixes on them.  .


Presonus Eris 8


The E8 is quite a large nearfield monitor and is bi-amped. The 8-inch Kevlar low-frequency transducer is driven by a 75-watt class AB amp, while the 1.25-inch silk-dome high-frequency tweeter gets 65W of class AB amplification. Besides the woofer and tweeter there's a horizontal front port.

All connections and controls reside on the rear panel. You should have no trouble getting a signal into the E8 as there are XLR, balanced TRS jack and unbalanced RCA (phono) sockets. Besides the necessary input gain knob, the E8 has a range of controls for tweaking the sound.In use, the clarity of these monitors is good, and the overall balance of frequencies is one that you can work with. The top end comes through prominently and clearly (revealing the detail), while the bottom end is tight and focussed.We'd be happy to use the E8s to mix our tracks; they can sound pretty big considering their compact cabinet. This is a monitor that should fit tidily into most rooms and will let you hear the detail in your mixes.


Samson Resolv a8

Samson's Resolv SE8 active studio monitors benefit from the latest innovations in speaker engineering, giving you reference-quality at all volume levels. The Resolv SE8 features a dedicated power amp and a precision crossover for accurate tonal balance. Its carbon fiber woofer delivers tight, controlled bass, while its soft dome tweeter serves up natural-sounding, resonance-free extended high frequencies. There's a treble lift that lets you optimize for different mixing environments, while a time-aligned waveguide gives you even dispersion across a wide listening area with minimum diffraction. For affordable, accurate monitoring, check out the Samson Resolv SE8.



Monkey Banana

The Monkey Banana Gibbon 5 Active Studio Monitor was designed and tested by veteran audio engineers to meet your needs in a studio monitoring environment. It focuses on the functional goal of delivering pure, original sound without any additional coloration. The Gibbon Series monitor is self powered, directly accepting a signals from a variety of sources.The Gibbon Monitors were designed to overcome all the limitations of conventional studio reference monitors within the audio environment. This system delivers a wide range frequency response by employing two extraordinary drivers and unique crossover technology. It boasts a stable and balanced low-mid frequency response along with a defined mid and high frequency response as well. Both drivers are magnetically shielded for desktop music production.




The Aktiv 08 studio near field reference monitor has been developed to offer the best 8" monitoring solution for the entry level.With an extended low frequency response and a top quality Kevlar 8" driver, the Aktiv 08 delivers unparalleled punch in the low-mid frequency, a major improvement over the paper and polypropylene drivers used in many comparable products.Compared to the previous generation, the Aktiv 08 is build with a new tuning by ESI's engineers in Germany, a higher quality silk dome tweeter and it also integrates a completely new design of the crossover circuitry. This gives Aktiv 08 the pole position in the area of professional level studio monitoring if you are on a budget and won't accept a compromise on quality and sound.




Pioneer S-DJ05

Pioneer’s aim with the S-DJ05 was to create a speaker that bridged the gap between the music production and DJing worlds, giving you something that you can use both in your studio and for monitoring in the booth.There are loads of input options round the back (you can toggle between these with buttons), plus selectable EQ. Furthermore, the S-DJ05s allow you to remote control your settings with a separate device so, with the appropriate hardware, you can toggle between inputs, turn the EQ on and off and adjust the levels of your speakers without even touching them.

The S-DJ05s have flexibility on their side, then, and fortunately they also sound pretty good - particularly when handling dance music.




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